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Are you good at geography -
or would you like to be?

Then geoMagi is just for you!

Think of one of the world countries. geoMagi asks a dozen questions to which you very simple answer YES or NO - and voila, geoMagi has found the very country you are thinking of! Hocus pocus!


geoMagi is also a borderless source of information,

where you can select a country directly - and get information, it is very difficult to download elsewhere, eg:

sunGraphs: Graphs and Tables of the Sun's walk over the sky for any place on Earth.

Flight times: So you know in advance what time it is, when after many, many hours you land in Wellington in New Zealand - incl. included daylight saving time!

Flight Jumping - a game in the game

Direct entry in Wikipedia, the UNESCO World Heritage, weather services, Google maps

And much, much more...